Updating my site without affecting external SEO changes

I have built a RW website and am using an SEO Company to ‘tweak’ it for me. The site is stored on a UK2 server, but if I make changes at my end and upload the site to the server, I loose all of the SEO tweaks which they make on my behalf. I’m sure I’m missing the point somewhere, but here is what the SEO Company have said -

In regards to Rapid Weaver, all that you need to explain to them is that you are working with a company who are making changes to the website, however each time I make changes from my end I am overwriting their changes. In order to ensure that this doesn’t keep happening, how can I ensure that I’m working on the most up to date version of the website each time. _
From explaining it like this to their support team, it should enable them to tell you how to make sure you’re editing the most up to date version rather than overwriting my changes each time. I imagine it is quite straight forward and just requires a download before editing and uploading, however as I’ve never used the software or had other clients which have used this, I am not sure on how to advise you myself unfortunately.

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Hi Nick,

it sounds as though you’re having to change the way you work in order to accommodate them - when IMHO it should be the other way around. You know, since you’re paying them for a service. Alternatively, find an SEO company that understands Rapidweaver and can work alongside you properly, fitting in with your workflow.

While I’m here, I’m sure that an SEO company can help you tweak your site but Rapidweaver has everything you need to in order to do it yourself, so that might also be another thing to consider.

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Very very good advice. There is so much good free info and so many good free tools, both in RW and external, that paying for it makes no sense.

I agree with all the responses above be wary of what “SEO Experts” promise. I would recommend reading up on SEO basics you’d be surprised just how much you can do yourself in Rapidweaver and you’ve got the added security of knowing you’re 100% in control of it.

I bought the Rapidweaver SEO course earlier this year it was a massive help because @Ben guides you through the basics and demonstrates on Rapidweaver 7. Another resource I’d recommend is https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo

Thanks for the mention! It lovely to hear you found the course helpful :slight_smile:

For anyone else interested in SEO, you can read more about the RapidWeaver SEO Course over on the main Realmac Site.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions - I’ve watched mosl of the videos available and I think I am making some progress.
BTW - although I have signed up to an SEO company in the UK - used by a friend for the past 8 years - I have found them very impressive and the site has gone from nowhere to first page on Google in 6 weeks.
Best wishes to all.

The website was previously generating a limited number of visitors, but since appointing them the visitor levels have doubled and we are now ranking alongside our major competitors, using ‘Hot Air Balloon Marketing’ and ‘Hot Air Balloon Branding’. It is a niche market - operating commercial hot air balloons - and the acid test will be early in 2017 when advertising agencies pitch to Clients and think about using hot air balloons.
I appreciate everything which has been suggested about DIY, as far as SEO is concerned, but I am going to give the company 12 months and then review results, based on New Business leads created.
Thanks for your input,