Can anyone explain to me how i can use OS X server to host my RW site?

Can anyone explain to me how i can use OS X server to host my RW site?

Are you asking because you want to actually self host your site on the web using OSX Server -or- is it that you want to be able to preview (with php etc.) locally.

If it is the later I just use Mamp, simple and easy has sql and php built in.
If it is that you want to actually host your live site on the web then sorry, I can’t help :slight_smile:


I actually host sites on an O S X server I have collocated at … been doing for for years. Its not that hard.

I use for registering and managing domain.
I use OS X Server App and Installed MySQL community edition.

Nothing else to do unless you need to run other things. Need help PM me.

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@scottsteven, do you have a dynamic DNS or an actual domain from no-ip?

I have actual Domains at Actually they are one of the best DNS providers I have found.

Do you know if OS X Server works with dynamic DNS without a proper domain? I’m considering setting up a local test environment with OS X Server.

Certainly does work with Dynamic DNS. There are a couple of caveats though that is

Dynamic DNS have a short lifespan so noip will expire them which is a pain for any kind projects that you may want access to. Check with on how long these temporary domains will last.

These Dynamic DNS domains are on every email black list on the planet. So yes websites will send the emails out or you can set them up on an email server but the issue is most email servers on the planet will refuse the delivery from these well known domains. This means the emails probably won’t end up where they are sent.

Thank you for the info. I have a address from no-ip pointing to my dynamic IP. My modem takes care of updating so there’s no problem with expiry - it’s 30 days otherwise. Good to know about the email problem. I have a “hand hacked” local server currently but every time there’s been a major update to OS X, the setup’s been lost and it’s always been a struggle to get it back. So I’m looking for something easier.

How did you get OS X Server to allow a connection with MySQL? “Cannot locate database” I’m pulling my hair out.

get installer from MySql then use Sequal Pro to connect