FTP Publishing Settings

Just treated myself to a fancy new Mac Pro to host websites on my own machine as opposed to relying on external hosting companies and I’ve stumbled at only the tenth hurdle…

I’ve used Mac OS X Server ver 5.0 to establish the box as a server and I’m getting confused (and vertigo) with identifying what settings 'go- where, between the ‘machine’ name and the ‘server’ name.

The Machine name is (say) “Mac Pro 1”
The Server name on the above box is (say) “Smaug”

I enabled Websites in OS X Server 5.0 and all the other good stuff I figured I’d need…

So, I guess my questions are ;

  1. Do I need to create a new Website in OS X Server 5.0 on OS X El Capitan, before i do anything else ?
  2. Where do I FTP to from RW6 ?
  3. What URL should I chick my browser at to see the site ?

Once I’ve done this successfully I’m sure I’ll ‘get it’ but right now I’m shouting at the screen in frustration.

I just can\t wait to monkey about with Port Mapping on my Router…although I’ve no idea why I should have to do anything to it…

Thanks in advance, guys…appreciate the assist/advice/commiseration/pity/fun poking … or whatever

Nick in UK