Can DATABLY stack accept real-time data?

I have sent them an email but have not heard back.

Am hoping for one of their reps to join this conversation to enlighten us on the use of this database stack.

What is your understanding of real time data?

The data I am referring to is water tank water level values and temp/humidity values derived in the same water tank. The water level is the crucial value to be aware of.

I have built a microcontroller that reads these sensor values and the data is published to a website database several times/minute. So, to be clear, it is not instantaneous reporting that is required, but it is important to know the water level at least twice a minute or so.

I am not the person who will determine the sample rate, I just do the coding to make it happen as they wish.

I received an email from a rep of EasyDB and was told that their stack could not handle this type of data feed without a complete rewrite of their stack, which prompted this thread.


Hi, Datably stack developer here…

as long as the data is available in a database table and the database is either MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite3, I see not reason why this should not work.

It would be up to you to make sure the page is refreshed periodically for the most recent records to show.

Hope this helps…


Thanks for the info.

The database will be MariaDB and in table form, but I am not quite there yet.

I appreciate your comments.

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