Stack for auto-refresh?

Might anyone know if there is a stack/plug-in that allows for timed auto refreshing tabular data combined with a scroll bar that “scrolls” the time to refresh? You can find an example at the following link: erie If the page no longer refreshes after a certain date, I’ve attached a screenshot of the page. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts you might offer.

Autorefresh a @joeworkman stack

Thanks, Joe. I have looked at Joe’s stack, but I’m not sure it allows an ability to synchronize with a visual display. Perhaps this is manually coded, but I wasn’t sure if the refresh/visual timer might be part of a particular stack. I’ll take a closer look at Autorefresh, though … thanks for the reminder.

Not sure if this will help or not, but I’m using Optic Stats 2 in one of my (under development) websites - it was super easy to setup, and although I’m using a circle, there are six other types of graphs that can be displayed (including bar). I’m using static numbers, but you could easily link to a Google Spreadsheet so that the data is real-time. I am very pleased with the results.

Thanks, Dave … will take a look.

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