Can i change the default Theme?

Hi i have just downloaded, unzipped and opened a Demo .RW6 project
This Demo was created originally with a Theme i havent got in my Theme drawer.
It tells me this in a Pop Up that gives me the option to Cancel or use a specific Theme that i have got.

But i would like to change this Default theme, i do not not see an option to do this, in fact i dont know how this specific default Theme got defined as the default Theme in the first place !.



Normally the default theme is a setup of RapidWeaver, not of the project.
(A demo project open with the used theme. When you don’t have this theme, appears a message.)

You can change the default theme in the preferences.

@Oscar thanks buddy, you are of course spot on, i couldnt find it myself, but now i know where it is, thanks, it is so obvious. give me a brain and i would be dangerous !!!