Strange default theme bug or project file corruption?

I have a site that I use for testing before making changes on final projects and I am seeing some strange behaviour.

At one point I used a theme called Summer but switched to Foundation as my default theme inside RW preferences the best part of a year ago. The pages are all Foundation and include Foundation site styles but over the last couple of days I have noticed some strange behaviour on the pages with elements that looked like Summer, so I just took a look at the Master Style inside RW Settings and it’s fixed on Summer with a big red warning has appeared telling me the Foundation theme has not been applied.

I am using RW 6.3.7 and the default theme is definitely Foundation. Each project page is also fixed on Foundation but for some reason RW thinks it is Summer.

What theme is selected in the Theme Browser?


But if I click to use the Master Style it reverts to Summer.

I have a couple of custom theme styles saved for Summer and I wonder if RW is referencing those by mistake. I can send you the project file if that helps.

What do you have selected in the Theme Browser (i.e. when you click “Themes” in the toolbar)?

I just checked and indeed that was set on Summer but it begs the question why this problem only emerged a couple days ago after many months. I haven’t been near the theme browser for the best part of a year because I now use Foundation for everything.

I have the same problem, work with Foundation all the Time, but my Default Theme always switch back to the Float Theme (it was selected in the Theme Browser, but in Preferences I did set it to Foundation). Now I did select Foundation at the Theme Browser and in Preferences and restart RW. The Float Theme is still the default Theme…

Hi folks,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll take a look at this!


I thought this was fixed after restarting RW a couple times where it remained on Foundation in the theme browser but then the same error warnings appeared just now.

Which version of RapidWeaver 6 are you using?

6.3.7 (15153) and never seen before this version.

My guess is that this is only happening to projects that started with a theme and then changed to Foundation because I haven’t seen this on any project that started life as Foundation. Perhaps @WDA can confirm whether or not this is the case.