Can I edit the previous and next functions in Rapidweaver Galleries?

Hi Guys!

I’m using Rapid Weaver 6 currently with the split theme. I edited it a little to allow me to use my own header backrounds.

What I can’t find is the possibility to edit the navigation bar when you click on an image in the gallery. It is always on top, looking like ten years ago and working really crude. The build in slideshow in Rapidweaver is even uglier…

I don’t have Stacks as I never saw the need to shell out another 50 bucks to then begin shelling out more money to cope with little annoyances that can be overcome otherwise.

Is there a gallery plugin, that doesn’t need stacks and looks like slide?

When I first discovered Rapidweaver in 2007, the reviews all said that it’s a decent program by itself, though what makes it fantastic (according to the various reviews), are all of the plugins from 3rd party developers and community support.

Due to its ease of use, drag & drop features, not needing to know or learn coding, I made the choice to buy. If I ever do learn coding, I can enhance my sites even better.

This review info was before Stacks was even developed and in the market. Now Stacks 3 is phenomenal! What you’ll be able to create using plugins, specifically Stacks and add-ons for Stacks, is well worth the small investment. You can stay under a hundred dollars or you can spend a few to several hundred. Either way, it’s still less than you’d spend on Dreamweaver or any of the other professional programs, and you’ll get a highly polished site equal to, if not better than you can do with those programs. Even Wordpress has add-ons that cost extra and I don’t think it’s as user-friendly as Rapidweaver.

The learning curve for Dreamweaver is 4 to 14 months, whereas the learning curve for RW and add-ons is about 4 to 14 weeks, depending on how many bells & whistles you want to learn about.

The RW community is great, and the developers are all helpful and responsive to customers, and they update and enhance their products often.

Just my 2¢.

Oh, you wanted to know about editing the nav bar… there are so many ways that stacks will fix that real easy for you.

Good luck and I hope you benefit from Rapidweaver.

Thank you for the reply.

I tried Stacks. As far as I see, there ist no Gallery module build in, so I would have to buy stacks as a foundation without use for me and get another module to rebuild my galleries.

I also tried collage2 from the same developer and like the idea a lot but for some reason the lightbox doesn’t work. It always opens full size, not responsive. Additionally, it shrinks the image until only a little black square resides, when I’m tying to scroll in the Lightbox…

Anybody knows this error? If Collage2 would work, it would do, what I searched for!



Hi guys!

Just a short update. I did exactly what I wanted with fancyzoom javascript. Works brilliantly and looks great and my site is a streamlined as never!