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Before i buy Rapidweaver at £79.00 , need to know as a novice at this , do i need to buy Stacks3 before i buy a photo plugin like Beautiful gallery stack for my website , any help appreciated !!

Thanks Joe

To answer your question, yes, if the Beautiful Gallery stack is the one listed here:
then you need the Stacks Plugin by Yourhead.

To give you some knowledge. The Stacks Plugin is a Page Type Plugin. Meaning, you can create a new page with it. You can then use stacks with the stacks plugin. There are a WHOLE TON of stacks that you can find listed here

But some of the greatest ones are not listed there and are free (donation would be generous), and you can get them by a developer known as Big White Duck:

Hope that helps. Have a great day!

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As Robert said, you will need the “stacks plugin” to use any of the hundreds of stacks add on’s (referred to as stacks).
You’ll also probably want to budget for additional theme(s), and several other stacks.
If you do make the plunge into RapidWeaver than welcome.
You might want to check out some other stuff that might not be listed in the community site listed in the post above.
All of these offer demo versions as well as freebies:


Assuming that your site will be more than just a few pages…

If you scale RapidWeaver as a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 then Stacks3 makes it a 20! I personally wouldn’t even consider RW without Stacks3. In fact, my suggestion would be to consider making an “all stacks” site utilizing stack Partials where you can. But that is purely personal…

Another vote for a great stacks site as listed above:


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