Can I recreate my website on RapidWeaver?

Hi, I am Ex-Muse user. I am looking for an alternative and I wonder can I recreate my site in RapidWeaver? On my website, there is to many accordions (hizmetler, makaleler). is it possible the create a contact form without a hassle? 'cause I am not capable of php thing.

I read a lot of things about RapidWeaver and as I see it is working with stacks. Before the buy, I want to know which stacks should I need to create for my website?

Here is my fully responsive muse website;

You can download a trail version of RW8 and the stacks plugin to give it a spin prior to purchasing.
I took a very brief look and didn’t see anything on the site that couldn’t be done with RapidWeaver.

I would suggest you go slow with purchasing addons (stacks) as you can easily spend quite a bit of money on stacks you’ll never use (I know I have a lot in that category).

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You can definitely make this website with RapidWeaver! And yes. The contact form can be done without any knowledge of PHP.

I have been searching for ex-Muse users. Would you be willing to chat with me one-on-one? I would love to understand your needs moving from Muse. I think that RapidWeaver is a great fit for Muse users. I would love to gain some knowledge form you so that I can help other Muse users looking for a new home.

I run Weaver’s Space, and have been developing in the RapidWeaver community for 10 years now.


Nice site you’ve done with Muse.

I’ve worked a little with Muse because I use the Adobe apps in my every day hard working life.

But Adobe killed Muse, as they did with GoLive… I came from GoLive to RapidWeaver loooooong time ago.

There’s nothing you can do with Muse, that you can’t do with RapidWeaver – & – the Stacks plugin and a few extensions.

I’ve made many bad software decisions in my life, but choosing RapidWeaver is in my top 3 list of the best software decisions I’ve ever made.

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Hi, Joe, I saw your thread for Ex-Muse users. Of Course, I can help you with that. I will send you an e-mail when I have time.

@defligra Thank you. But I need a stack or an extension for recreating for my site, right? With just RapidWeaver cant recreated?

@teefers Yeah, this is great advice 'cause I don’t have any experience with the RapidWeaver.

You will definitely want to get the Stacks plugin from YourHead. It opens up an entire new world.

Here are my getting started page…


It depends on how close you want to get to your design.

But if you want as close as possible you’ll need the Stacks plugin.
Maybe the Formloom plugin (depends on how advanced your form is).

To get close to your design you’ll need a theme – you’ve got a couple of options here. There’s Joe’s Foundation or the Foundry theme. Both great and will get the job done. Joe’s Foundation theme is free – but the entire Foundation theme + Stacks is paid.

But one of the best parts of RapidWeaver is – this forum where you can always get help.

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Thanks. I’ll do the same website up to the point. I will not change even a period. That’s why I am asking you guys is it possible?

Depends on the term ‘up to the point’ and the shape of the periods.

You’ll be able to come close. It all depends on how many hours you want to spend on the project.

I just did a rebuild on this site: (cms)
With this RapidWeaver site:

All top elements (logo, menu, banner) are made a little bit smaller, so they’ll work better on smaller screens – which most clients use.

In the banner on the olde site you’ll notice two outline buttons. The were both replaced by a default button stack (foundry by the way). The two buttons probably looks better on the old site – but I chose to use the default button stack I had without messing with css – I can live with that.

Foundry theme – Foundation Theme. Both are great themes. Foundation has more Stacks = options + backup from Big White Duck (foundation stacks developer). But it’s a matter of taste or task.

We haven’t made the switch yet – but we’re close.

There’s differences but the overall look and feel are as close as… acceptable.

And the new site is better than the old – but more important, it’s much easier to maintain. We can change everything we want in a minute or two.

I did the rebuild in 6 hours + 4 hours invested in improvements (small things here and there + more content). But I’m also a long time RapidWeaver user – and that helps. Knowing what you want to do and knowing the tools to use saves time!

The menu is better on the new site. I got rid of the annoying jumping arrow (on the old site). We added a few new pages and a form (ask a quote – formloom).

I tried to convince my employer to add a piece of music to every contact person – but my arguments weren’t good enouqh, so I had to strop the music!

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