Migrating from Muse to Rapid Weaver

As a user of Adobe Muse since 2016, I am now looking for viable alternatives since Muse reached EOL in March 2020. As a designer rather than a hard core developer, I appreciated Muse for its forgiving design metaphor and I was able to construct some pretty complex sites that worked just fine. In fact the only short-coming of note for me was the lack of a CMS, but that’s history now.

My question: moving to Rapid Weaver, what are the technical and design challenges that I might face?

Thanks to all for your guidance.

Welcome, Mike,

I have “zero” experience with Muse, but—I gather—it was an “all-in-one” type of app. RW has a modular approach – once you invest in Stacks (Stacks is a plug-in that allows the use of unlimited quantity and variety of specialized add-ons). There’s hundreds of add-ons on the RW market – both free and paid. Some of them are coming from really talented developers.

There is also a question of choosing a theme or a framework for laying out pages. Again, there are free and paid ones to choose from. There are also free and paid training videos, tutorials and courses. Some of those add-ons and training materials are worth your money, but don’t buy them blindly. You may regret that later.

You need to be prepared for an investment (that can be as small or as big as you want) in terms of both money and time spent on learning. But once you commit to this path, you will be able to produce any kind of website you want.

Also, remember that when you enter a completely new arena, there is no fast and easy ways to get used to it. So, use this forum for helping you solve your particular obstacles. Good luck.

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