Can I remove the Rapidweaver6 - DevMateIssues.log?

(Rusty) #1

Hi can I remove the DevMateIssues.log without issue ?
from Library > Containers > com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6 > Data > Library > Logs > Problem Reports
it’s using up 4.66GB

(Brad Halstead) #2


I wouldn’t do it with RapidWeaver open and I certainly wouldn’t delete it from Trash until you rebooted and made sure RW worked first… if it doesn’t then you can put back the trashed file.

Its a crash log that is used/maintained by RapidWeaver when crashes occur (I believe)


(Rusty) #3

Hi Brad … I did remove it as it’s only a log, but @ 4.66gb a rather large log !
All seems fine so far, thanks for the advice.
Fingers crossed :wink:

(Christopher Watson) #4

What is in the log should really be the question…

My log was created at the start of 2015 and is only 206 bytes…

(Brad Halstead) #5


Mine contains every instance of RapidWeaver opening, stack updates, publishing details (processes), plugin issues, stack issues, Theme issues, etc… looks like it might even contain some preview html… not 100% but that’s what it looks ike to me.

Mine is 1.4GB (From March 2015)


(Nik Fletcher) #6

If you’ve enabled RapidWeaver’s Publishing logging, this is likely why the file has grown so large. You’re welcome to remove it when RapidWeaver is not open :slight_smile:

(Rusty) #7

Thanks Nik … the Publishing logging has been on since the beta testing … !!
Deleted now, all good. :slight_smile: