Huge log file (4.6 GB) - can I delete it?

I have noticed that my RW (7.0.4) log file is huge: 4.6 GB. I would like to delete it - what is the risk of doing that?

My caches files are also 4.6 GB. But I guess these are more necessary - or can I delete them as well? What would be the consequence?



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Hi Franz,

Good news, this huge file is due to the RapidWaver crash reporter so it’s safe to delete it.

However, in RapidWeaver 7.1.2 due later today, we actually manage the log files much better so at most they’ll only ever be a few MB’s.

If you’re worried about deleting the log yourself, just run RapidWeaver 7.1.2 later today and it’ll remove it for you :wink:

Happy Weaving!


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Hi Dan,

thanks for this good news. I deleted the log file manually because I do not want to try the update from 7.0.4 to 7.1.2. I tried to update to 7.1.0 a few times and on preview RW wanted to export everything, couldn’t stop it except with force quit. Then, going back to 7.0.4., I had the same problem with this version… Took me hours to get it working again. Now I am hesitant…

I hope you will come up with a good fix soon… Thanks for all your work. RW is a great software.