34.5GB Container folders - safe to delete?

I ran Daisy Disk on my Mac to track down any potentially large files on my Mac that might be hogging precious disk space. I found that there was a 27GB file in my Library > Containers folder called:


Also found this one that’s 7.5GB


Why are these folders so big? Is this just garbage temp files? Is it safe to delete them?

I don’t know why your RW folder inside Containers is so large. I’ve been using v7 since it was in beta, and mine is only 2.5 GB. But, unless you know what your deleting - best be careful. All of the Rapidweaver files, including themes, stacks and add-ons, are inside that folder.

I should add that if you’re using Rw 7, if might very well be possible to delete the entire v6 folder. I don’t have one in my Container folder anymore (I deleted v6 after upgrading). But, you might want to check with Rw support before doing so.

I’m on RW7 now too. Can anyone weight in on this? Is it OK to delete these two folders?

I have two containers, one for RW6 and one for RW7

The one ending with ‘6’ has not been modified for nearly 1 year, while the top one was modified just a few days ago. My advice would be to archive it to a USB if you want to delete it just in case.

Just don’t delete the top one! That’s where all of your v7 files reside.

This is where your addons (plugins, themes etc) are stored. There’s a good chance there are some things in there that you can delete. I wouldn’t delete the entire directory though - if you do, make sure you reboot afterwards otherwise you may have issues.

I deleted the RW6 folder. RW7 seems to be OK. All my content is still intact. Thanks.