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Hi, I am new to website design and I am thinking of purchasing rapidweaver to produce our club’s website. I am trying to create a website similar to this one and would like to know if the standard Rapidweaver software will allow me to do this, or will I need an additional theme or stacks plug in. Look forwrad to your advice.



You can get a basic website up & running with just RapidWeaver, but the included themes are very basic and don’t give many options for customisation.

There are many premium themes out there, and I would personally recommend Theme Flood, Nick Cates (40% discount for Black Friday), and Elixir for themes.

If you want complete control of every aspect of the design, you’ll need a framework like Foundation or Foundry, but then you’ll also need to buy the Stacks plugin.

Costs can quickly add up if it’s just for the one site, but the benefits are worth it.

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I consider Stacks almost mandatory… if you get Stacks take the time to learn about “partials”… When considering a theme consider based on the FEATURES you want such as Navigation, options, etc. Some themes have few things you can control, others of many. I highly recommend Theme Flood but there are many other good ones. I personally try to give my business to 3rd party developers who provide free demos (try before you buy).

Here is a quick and easy way to learn about partials

about purchasing a them or stacks, wait for this weekend, it is Thanksgiving here tomorrow in the USA and lots of developers will be having sales, so you might be able to get stuff at a better price!

That website has a members area. If you want something similar you’ll probably need Stacks or be happy to incorporate some kind of third party script/plugin by hand.

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