Can I use iFrame with Total CMS?

Can I use iFrame with Total CMS?
To display a panorama 360 on a html page (pano2VR)


This is a TotalCMS blog used as an architect’s portfolio, most of the project’s have panoramas along with std images (typical project)
I used BigWhiteDuck’s Limelight for the iFrame functionality and Panellum for the panoramas, I’m able store settings for each pano in TotalCMS.


Thanks PaulRussam for you input.
Can I question …How do you manage to have this iFrame stored for each blog article in TotalCMS?

As I said I’m using BWD’s Limelight for the iFrame functionality. I store the unique part of the url to the pano (the image in this case) in one of the blog fields I wasn’t using (Author/ExtraContent etc). In LL I then have the source of the pano image as the blog macro name.

That’s the simple way, mine is a lot more complex as I’m using multiple interlinked blogs but the above should work.


That will be Ok for one panorama without navigation.
But it´s not my case I need to access an external URL having this html with a virtual tour (multiple panoramas)
I can create a blog, but it will be not related with each of my virtual tours pages

If there’s a spare field in the blogpost such as Author or ExtraContent then you can store the url to the pano there. Then in LL (or iFrame) specify the %blogAuthor()% or %blogExtraContent()% macro in the iFrame/LL where you’d normally place the pano’s url.
If each blogpost contains a link to a unique pano but the method you view it is with is exactly the same then the only thing unique is the url used in the iFrame NOT the entire iFrame command.

So in your iFrame line src="https:///www.path/to/pano" setting1=1, setting2=2 becomes src=%blogExtraContent()% setting1=1, setting2=2

OK thanks

I’ve just found this: and I’m going to have a play with integrating it with tCMS … should be a lot easier than my current setup

Be carefull it´s in beta stage since several years

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