Interactive 360 as banner

Hi - I am using RW7 and would like to have a full width banner using an interactive 360 (html5). Can I import or display this in the banner area? The 360 is in an html page similar to this:

These pages are normally embedded with an iframe for viewing on a website.

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Quick Googling came up with this:

If you’re using a theme, it may not be possible (or at a minimum, be theme dependant).

If you’re using a blank framework (like Source or Foundation, for example), then you would be able to do that

Thanks for your reply Marc. This is almost what I am looking for. It is missing a couple things…
auto rotation and banner size full width display (?). Also, there is a limitation on # of panos per page which does not fit my plan.

Thanks again!


Hi Jason,

I think you may be correct about a blank framework but I would like to avoid that if possible. The html stack does work in Foundation for this effect.

I just thought that an extra content stack with the iframe stack might work and…it works perfectly. I am testing with the Show Theme.

Thanks for your thoughts Jason!


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