How my client can remotely do his blog

I just made a nice site for a client with Aspen, but how can he remotely upload his blogs to the site I made and host?

I’d suggest the easiest - but potentially riskiest - way is to use a third party blogging platofmr like Blogger or Tumblr. Then use a stack to pull in that blog to your website.

The free Microblog stack from Stacks4Stacks will pull in a Tumblr blog and the Blogspot stack will do the same for Blogger.

I’m using them both and they work really well.

The caveat is that they use an external service and - as Instagram users have found with Instagram galleries - that service can simply change the way it allows third parties to interact with its products and break the blog.

Alternatively, there’s Armadillo which is also very good but more complicated to setup.

I don’t think that @instacks has added that feature to his excellent Poster stack yet but when he does, that’s an option.

Then there’s also a blogging element to Joe Workman’s Total CMS but I’ve never used that.

Hope this gives you some pointers.

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Have you looked at Alloy from Elixir Graphics?

I have been using Blogspot for a while. It allows you to automatically integrate a blogpost from Google Blogger. Worked fine but the posts need to be styled in Blogger.

If you are using Foundry 2, Alloy is a very elegant solution.


My Total CMS has a very powerful blog that can be handled outside of RapidWeaver. Your customer can also update text, images and other things around the site as well.

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