Can I use SEO helper for Foundry? What about over SEO stacks?

Someone told me that you can not mix Foundry with other environments and I was wondering if SEO Helper was a part of Foundation? If so is there a better tool to use for SEO on Rapidweaver?

SEO helper is now a stand-alone product which can be used in any other frameworks.

The original SEO helper stack that came with Foundation 1 is part of that framework and shouldn’t be used in other frameworks/themes.

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@KipV You may already know this but almost all “regular” stacks work perfectly fine with Foundry. Any “framework” requires you to use their basic stacks for setting things up. Essentially a frameworks’s theme + stacks replace standard themes with the result you have much more flexibility in terms of how you design things. True for all the frameworks I know of. But equally true is that almost all “regular” stacks work with any of the frameworks.

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Oh that makes sense. They would really limit their audience if it only worked with one framework.

@Mathew Does that mean what I am really trying to avoid is to just not mix the built-in RW themes with other frameworks. So as long as I use the Foundry theme I can put anything on that page?

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@KipV Yes. Foundry theme and Foundry stacks need to go together.

… as to whether “I can put anything on that page?” is likely true 99.5% of the time. The problem for all framework developers is that can’t absolutely guarantee some other developer’s stack won’t have a conflict with their framework. (This is not specific to Foundry.) But I’ve been working with Foundry for years now and have not experienced anything but a very mild hiccup (easily solved) once or twice over 5+ years using other stacks with Foundry. And, realistically, it would be true with other Frameworks.

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Okay, it should be good to have a wide selection and I know the add-ons get updated frequently if there are issues. My site has only been on the Foundry theme since July so I haven’t had time to use a whole lot of other stacks outside of Foundry yet.

My entire arsenal of stacks will work in any theme!

The one exception to that as discussed here is my Foundation stacks. However, there is even exceptions to even that. Some of the more powerful parts of Foundation 6 could be used in any theme.

  • Foundation Forms are pretty powerful and can work in any theme. The only thing that may differ are the form styles… We are at the mercy of the theme/framework for that.
  • Foundation Swatches are probably the most powerful part of F6. The great thing is that they are just CSS and CSS works on any website. There are a few options and swatches that are definitely F6 specific. However, 85-90% of what is there can be use in any theme or framework.

I have considered releasing both of the above outside of Foundation. However, at the price point they would be at, it would be cheaper to just buy Foundation. Foundation is a seriously good deal with everything that comes with it, even if you do not use the theme and its core stacks.


Wow, Joe, that‘s really useful information! More than you can imagine, actually. Especially having just bought Pi (which I’ve had my eyes on for some time) in this week‘s sale — and realising that I don‘t have any other forms stacks capable of doing what Foundation‘s do (particularly the sliders). However Pi is broken in Source (and I’m damned if I can see why — it works perfectly on a blank theme, and it‘s something in the minimal Source theme, rather than the site styles stack, which it doesn’t like).

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Sliders and Switches are a Foundation styled form components. Those are a part of the 10-15% that wont work outside of Foundation. Sorry.

If you want to make a post somewhere about you Pi issues, I can have a look. I don’t want to hijack this thread. I have never seen Source forms before. Pi has been tested with all of the main form stacks out there though.

I’m not sure there’s anything else to add here. It‘s not a slider and switch thing — Pi doesn‘t return any output in an F6 form (or even an HTML one) on Source. Just change the theme to blank, though, and it works fine.

(And F6 sliders appear to be fully functional with Pi on a blank theme. But, yes, they’ll benefit from a bit of styling!)

Does Pi require jQuery? Most stacks that need jQuery tend to make sure it is loaded themselves but it might be worth dropping the Source jQuery Enabler stack onto the page to see if that helps.

Source doesn’t load jQuery but maybe your ‘blank’ theme does.

@dan @Fuellemann maybe split this off into a separate topic?

Source does work with Pi though I’ve only used it for date calculations. Can maybe try other elements (sliders etc.) later on today though.

I used Formsnap for the form inputs without the jQuery enabler.

Admittedly it didn’t all work together as hoped because Pi calculations did not update until you clicked out of the Formsnap date picker, even once a date was selected you had to click somewhere else on the page to trigger the calculation. However, it’s a Formloom issue because i tested Formloom in, Source, Blank theme, and F6, but all showed the same behaviour.

Used F6 and the calculations updated on date selection without having to click elsewhere, so switched to F6 for this project and it is working fine so far.

He made a new post on my community.

Please provide the answer or at least a link to the post here on this forum.

People use this forum to find answers to similar questions.

From what I’ve read, Source (not a Joe Workmen product) was brought into the mix.

Believe it or not, there’s folks that don’t know what what “my community”.

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Fair enough. The short anwser is that I will release an update to Pi. Here is a link to the thread…

@KipV I hope that SEO Helper serves you well. :slight_smile:

Turns out that it was a JQuery issue. Joe has already issued an update for Pi which fixes this in Source, and it‘s working perfectly now.

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So, in answer to the original question, Joe has established that SEO helper should work in Foundry, it‘s intended to work with all frameworks, it‘s not a part of Foundation, and nobody has answered whether there is a better tool to use for SEO on Rapidweaver. IME SEO helper is an amazingly comprehensive and effective tool, and I haven‘t felt the need to try anything else.

What also came out of this discussion is that Foundation forms will work with other frameworks (which was, for me anyway, an important discovery). I apologise for deviating the thread, but what this led to is that — further — it‘s possible to use Joe‘s amazing Pi stack with F6 forms in Source, and thus presumably in Foundry and UI Kit and Platform etc. As well as with a blank theme, so effectively everywhere. (And Joe made a super quick fix to Pi to handle a JQuery issue with Source.)

IMO this is pretty big news for RapidWeaver users. F6 forms are an amazing toolkit, which handle most aspects of forms making. And Pi doesn‘t just do calculations — it provides a level of sophisticated user interaction, backed by logic as complex as you like, which is beyond anything Stacks has provided so far. (It‘s also on offer until Monday with 25% off on, which is also — ta da — Joe‘s community).

That seems to tie everything up, doesn’t it?


It sounds like it will, thanks for the help!