Rapidweaver SEO Stacks?

Hi all. I was hoping you could point me in the direction of an SEO stack or add-on similar to the Yost SEO plugin that is popular on the WordPress platform. Thanks for your help!

First, there is a health check already included in RW: https://help.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver-7/website-health-check

Furthermore, you find a SEO course here from @ben: All New RapidWeaver SEO Course — 25% off today!

And there is the addon from @barchard: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/seo-rx

Cheers, Jannis
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My Foundation stacks has a suite of stacks that comes with it called SEO Helper. I am actually building v2.0 as we speak that will be standalone so that anyone outside of Foundation can leverage them. It will work great in conjunction with SEO-RX.


Sounds great! I have Foundation but will admit I have not dug into it yet. Will be nice to have the option of a stand-alone version too. Thanks, Joe!

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