Can you create a new theme in RW?

I am new to RW and I would like to know if is it possible to create a new theme in RW. Is there an article or video on how to do this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @wrdz welcome to the forums and to RapidWeaver. There is an API Kit you can get on GitHub here

But as far as I know, there is no video on how to do it.

On a side note, there are blank themes out there, here is a list:
Foundation by Joe Workman
Blank by ThemeFlood
FreeStacks by Blueball
BootSnap by Yabdab
Pure by 1LD

These themes allow you to create the look and feel that you want. Most of these specifically use the Stacks plugin to make the page, but the one by Themeflood does not need to use Stacks.

You can find most of these themes on the Realmac Community page as well.

Hope this helps you out and good luck!

The GitHub repository includes this PDF guide:


Thanks everyone!!

I should mention that I am not a coder, so which of the five themes you’ve mentioned above is a good starting point for me to start building responsive sites from scratch via RW? Thanks in advance.

Well, since you asked me, I have to say Foundation, but I do work for Joe. My reasons are stated here:

I would also suggest you read this FAQ as well

As a few developers have been mentioning “Overhead” with frameworks lately that we do not agree with.

My main reason for this is the community around our Foundation theme, not just our G+ Page but also for the Zurb community itself. They are very active in web design and are constantly updating and reworking their framework. Joe has many videos (YouTube Channel & Vimeo Channel) to help you start out with Foundation as well as an extensive Docs page.

I have made sites with Foundation, FreeStack and dabbled in BootSnap, but have never made anything in Pure. If you want to message me, I can give you a comparison, just remember, it will be biased a little :wink:

I don’t work for Joe, but I agree with @zeebe foundation is a great way to go.
You will need stacks to use foundation.

The foundation theme it self is free, but since your not a coder you would need at minimum joe workmans foundation starter pack. With that alone you can build quite a site.
Also you will want to checkout big white ducks stacks:

Great stacks built for the foundation framework you can download and use for free (donate if you use them please).
Almost all stacks will work with foundation framework, so you are not limited to foundation only stacks, just ask the developer or post a question here, and chances are someone will know.
If your not sure start by watching Joe Workmans tutorials mentioned by Zeebe above to get a feel for what you can do.

If you are new and not a coder I would suggest spending a few days having a look around. There are many themes out there and with the inbuilt customisations of those themes you might be able to get what you are after much easier than you think. If you post what ‘your’ theme would have I am sure someone could post a viable option.

Since I really like foundation, I am going with it and purchasing the stacks bundle. Thanks for all your help.

So I am following your lead. I purchased the stack bundles but I cannot seem to know how to start using them. Is there an article or video that explains it?

Watch all of the videos here:
It will explain a lot for you to start with Foundation and Stacks. Great series of videos.
Afterwards, these
Stacks & Foundation 1.5 Playlist - Yes, Foundation is 1.6 now, but these are still good.
then go watch these when there is time, some are old (and ignore ANYTING about globals, use Partials in Stacks 3) but still worth watching.
Foundation Complete playlist

If your new ro RW then go thru the introduction series
Then I would go to stacks overview
Skip the stacks template (partial are used now) so do the tutorial on partials
Then the three on foundations starting with
By then you’ll be getting foundation down
If you have questions there are category’s for both stacks and foundations on this form and lots of people who will help you out.

Do I need to purchase Stacks by YourHead in order to use any stack?

Yes, to use stacks addons you need to purchase the Stacks plugin.

I’m curious to know what can the free download version of Stacks do versus a paid version of Stacks? I couldn’t find anywhere stating the Stacks plugin needed to be purchased in order to use Foundations stacks. Did i miss it?

Hi @wrdz to be honest I’m not sure that stacks vendors do make it all that clear that you need to have Stacks (note the capitalisation) plugin installed in order to use them.

I think what may have happened is that anyone who has bought into the RW6+Stacks3 world has just become attuned to having Stacks front and centre in everything they do. There was a thread recently which mentioned “how many people would use RapidWeaver were it not for Stacks?” and I think once you get into the Stacks way of doing things you will see why that is a question which deserves to be frequently asked.

I bought RW some years ago now and I think I bought the Stacks plugin about 17 seconds after realising just how pitifully inadequate (for my needs) RW was without it. I’ve never looked back for a second, nor hesitated to pay for Stacks upgrades because it is a thing of beauty.

Joes Foundation is (probably) the second best thing to ever happen to RapidWeaver behind the Stacks plugin itself.

I personally consider RapidWeaver to be the ongoing rental charge for using Stacks. Stacks3 is sublime, empowering and pretty impossible to do without - IF you want a draggy droppy way of making websites and you don’t fancy WordPress or one of the doesn’t-support-stacks other Mac offerings. When you add in Foundation theme + Foundation stacks… well, now you have a seriously capable toolset. Certainly one which will expose your (and my) limitations as a designer a long way before you start blaming RW/Stacks/Foundation.

It’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow when you are getting started, buying all this stuff… and collecting stacks is really addictive as many here will testify… but get the big things right early … RW6+Stacks3+JW Foundation … then the fun can really begin.

It feels like I entered a cult, but it is a sure damn good cult that I see will lead me to greater things in my designer world. Okay, so I feel like I am in the right path now, I bought RW6+STACKS3+Joe Stacks, and I am starting to play with it and see how impressive it really is. Currently, I am trying to find out if any of the stacks I bought have anything for a cool responsive menu…I am still looking. If you have any thoughts, please share. Thanks dude.

I am digging this community help, it’s way cool.

Great…welcome aboard then, brother (shakes hands in a strangely awkward way with one trouser leg up. While hopping). Your first initiation trial can now begin … Hehe.

So you bought Foundation stacks? Right, then you have the topbar stack? Good. it’s my pleasure to inform you that you already do own one of the most advanced responsive menus available. Anywhere.

It does responsive navigation, supports endless styling options and is generally going to be your best friend. Go grab the Big White Duck stacks (they are free, but consider donating) in amongst them are some very powerful stacks which will enable you to design and generate navigation interfaces that your users will love.

Still not getting exactly what you are looking for? Publish the page with what you have, post a link here and tell us what you are trying to accomplish…someone will soon let you know if it can be done or not.

Best of luck.

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You are the man! I will proceed down the RW silk road, with one trouser leg up, while hopping… hehe. I will check out the top bar stack and the Big White Duck stacks, as well. You guys are much appreciated. Cheers!

BTW is there a tutorial on how to use TopBar? Tx