Cannot edit phone numbers with href tags

I have several web pages (Stacks pages) with href tags for the phone numbers. They are formatted like this:
Please call me at: <a href="tel:9098006800">909-800-6800</a>

I am currently using an omniFloater stack and a regular text stack in different places that both behave the same way. The problem is that once I try to edit the number, it completely messes with my formatting. This causes most numbers to not display correctly in preview and once published. Why can’t I simply edit this text?

You might have to select and choose ‘ignore formatting’.

Thanks for the idea. This did not work.
So far, the only thing that works is this:

  1. copying the entire paragraph of text
  2. paste into text editor (I used Apple Pages to retain formatting)
  3. make changes in Pages
  4. copy edited text from Pages
  5. past back into omniFloater

Maybe @isaiah or @msabene could weigh in here?
I just spent the last hour editing a phone number that should have taken me 2 minutes.

It might be an idea to cut Pages out of your workflow. Apps like Pages and Word retain a lot of extra formatting when pasted into RapidWeaver, which is bound to affect the way it looks and behaves when edited and previewed.

It’s always a good idea to strip all formatting from text pasted into RapidWeaver and then format it within RapidWeaver. You can strip the formatting from your text by highlighting the text and selecting Clear Formatting from the Format menu.


Why creating these links at all?
iPhone should recognize these numbers automatically as phone numbers.