Cannot Remove Javascript In Index.html

(Jerry Zigmont) #1

Using the latest version of RW and cannot remove ( other than manually editing the file ) some JS that appears. It’s Woopra tracking and I remember adding it my file with an earlier version of RW.

Now it does not appear in RW and I cannot remove it.

Any thoughts?

(Brad Halstead) #2


Hey Jerry

Did you check the page inspector for that file in RapidWeaver? Could be in the Javascript section or the head section.


(Jerry Zigmont) #3

Hi Brad

Thanks. That is one of the first places I looked. All the fields are empty.

Very strange…

(Brad Halstead) #4


Jerry, a URL might prove a little more useful for troubleshooting…

Is the page .shtml, perhaps you have an include in the page referencing the script?
Is the Page .php, perhaps you have a reference to another php file that has the script in it?
Might it be in a hidden/collapsed stack perhaps (if a stacks page)?

I’m outta ideas without a url.

(Scott Steven) #5

also if its a stacks page do you have something like plus kit import