Cannot Remove Javascript In Index.html

Using the latest version of RW and cannot remove ( other than manually editing the file ) some JS that appears. It’s Woopra tracking and I remember adding it my file with an earlier version of RW.

Now it does not appear in RW and I cannot remove it.

Any thoughts?


Hey Jerry

Did you check the page inspector for that file in RapidWeaver? Could be in the Javascript section or the head section.


Hi Brad

Thanks. That is one of the first places I looked. All the fields are empty.

Very strange…


Jerry, a URL might prove a little more useful for troubleshooting…

Is the page .shtml, perhaps you have an include in the page referencing the script?
Is the Page .php, perhaps you have a reference to another php file that has the script in it?
Might it be in a hidden/collapsed stack perhaps (if a stacks page)?

I’m outta ideas without a url.

also if its a stacks page do you have something like plus kit import

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