Can't Access my Site on my Hard Drive

I have a MacBook Air. I am trying to open my website (haven’t worked on it for a while). It has a cloud next to the filename. In front of the file size, it has a down arrow. It won’t open. Help!

Click on the icon to download the file on your computer first.

I somehow got it to download but it says “RW has detected missing resources in this project”. I don’t understand what is happening. Why the website wasn’t on my hard drive in the first place, and now, why it’s missing 2 files. I got a new Mac, trying to get the stacks and the file over to the new Mac and now this!

It looks like you activated to store your files and folders on the iCloud and not on your hd. That may have been the reason why it was not on your Mac. Which are the files which are missing?

I’m guessing your documents are stored in iCloud, you’re probably seeing errors as all the required files for your RapidWeaver project have not downloaded to your Mac yet.

The two missing files RapidWever needs are still “in the cloud” and your Mac hasn’t downloaded them. Go to “Apple ID” in the “System Preferences” and make sure “Optimise Mac Storage” is not on. This will force your Mac to eventually download all your files locally.

I did that. I went to icloud to download the file. There are two and I’m not sure which is the correct one. I downloaded one and a zip file downloaded. Now what?

Double click the .zip file and then you should see the project file.

It downloaded. Missing 2 files. I’m trying to get a pic of the files to upload here as they are very long file names.

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