Not able to work on my website using Rapid Weaver since buying a new Imac

(Jille van der Veen) #1

When starting up Rapid Weaver a requester opens, giving the possibility to open a recent project. Since buying a new Imac, there are no recent projects. How should I acces my website?

(Lisa Sandler) #2

Open it from your hard drive, where it was saved. It’s like any other file.

(Jille van der Veen) #3

Thank you for responding.
It was not saved to my website, or I can’t find it.

(Jille van der Veen) #4

I mean hard drive instead of website.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

It was not saved to your hard drive? Well, it must have been previously. It can’t exist in the recent projects without it. Recent projects is just a convenience… Your files are not really there.

(scott williams) #6

Recent projects list come from OSX.
Use Spotlight and do a search on your new iMac for the project name.

(Jille van der Veen) #7

I have all the files of course but how do I load them in Rapid Weaver?

(Lisa Sandler) #8

You don’t load anything. You open the RW file.

(Lisa Sandler) #9

Same way you’d open a Word doc or photoshop file… same as any other program.

(Jille van der Veen) #10

Excuse my ignorance, but can you be a bit more specific?

(Lisa Sandler) #11

How do you open any other file on your hard drive? You either double click it and it opens in the program, or you open the program and choose File > Open.

(Jille van der Veen) #12

When I go to my applications folder and find RW I see all the files and pages there but not an RWfile.

(Lisa Sandler) #13

Then you’re missing the RW file and you can’t open it. What is the name of the file? Do a search:

(Jille van der Veen) #14

I did. Nothing at all.

(scott williams) #15

What was the name of your project?
Type that in Spotlight. -or- click on finder and press command F type the project name in the search bar.
What version of RW are you using?

(Jille van der Veen) #16

I tried the name of my website. Nothing.

(Lisa Sandler) #17

What about copying it from your old computer? Can you do that?

(Lisa Sandler) #18

Did you name it that? My file is not the name of my website.

(Jille van der Veen) #19

No, I copied everything to my new computer and cleaned the old one up to give it away.

(Lisa Sandler) #20

Did you look in your documents folder? Where do you normally save files?