Help! All RW projects 0 kb

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Hi all
This morning I wanted to work on a web project. But I couldn’t open the file. On closer inspection I noticed that all RW projects are 0Kb in size.
When I open RW, the projects are no longer displayed.

And yes - the files are on the iCloud Drive.

But why were all changed at the same time (in the morning at 5.30 o’clock)?

I have now also contacted Apple and am waiting for support. Maybe one of you can help me?
That would be great.

Greetings from Switzerland

(Neil) #2

Time Machine backup? I’d never rely on a cloud service only to secure my projects.

Not much good to you now, I know.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Maybe they are just synced up inside iCloud, but not downloaded to the hard drive?

(David) #4

(Justin Hocking) #5

Hi Tzatziki,

How did you get on with restoring the files from iCloud? Cheers Justin

(Rittmann) #6

Hi all

Thanks for your answers.

I spent a long time on the phone with Apple.
Finally we were able to recover all of my .rw* files.
They had all been deleted yesterday. Nobody knows WHY…


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