Can't find Multithemes - bad info on web page

I was browsing themes, and there was one on the Multithemes site (Laxis) that seemed to have a couple of features that would be perfect for one of my websites. (Yes, I have the Foundation theme and a lot of different stacks to try, but I’m forcing myself to remember my purpose is to get a non-profit site up, not to have fun learning new tech). I sent an email to their support link to tell them about some typos, spelling errors on the page, and my email came back as undeliverable. Because there is no site “” … even the email address was mis-spelled. So I tried forwarding the message to the same address but correct domain name, and no response. If you click the contact link on the support page, this is the address which populates the email:

These are some fairly basic and significant problems - is there a problem with the developer? Change of hands? What’s the matter here?

I’ll tag @MultiThemes

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Bummer. I was really hopeful about one of their themes being close enough to my needs to let me check a project off the list.

HI guys, we had problems with our server. we are responding to all emails beginning January.
The support email is available on the support page and we apologize for the inconvenience.

you may use also the newsATmultithemesDOTcom, we have created this e-mail recently to temporarily solve the problem.

@teefers we will also check your request, we are in contact with the RC guys and we have solved some problems in the past.

The email address on the support page is bad, I’m trying to tell you. It goes to, not

@kentuckienne can you re-send us your message with this email? thank you

I did immediately forward the bounced message to newsATmultithemesDOTcom, guessing that the problem was the missing “e” in “themes”, and I’ll send it again now.

I can’t point no fingers, as I have been abysmal at responding to phone messages for the bindery. Stuff happens.

Karen we’ve sent a message, thanks!

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