Has Multithemes gone out of business?

I’ve just tried emailing their non-existent support, and its not accepting emails.

While I’m on here, just to let you folks know that their Flexiband theme doesn’t work with RapidCart Pro…which Roberto from Foreground said to me a while ago, and I now have to eat large amounts of humble pie for…he was right…I didn’t listen…

Might help to tag @MultiThemes for a reply.

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Thanks for that


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@SimonPalmer Our production is active, also the customer support, as usual!.
We’ve modified the contact-form by removing the reCAPTCHA and the overlay, the form works.

sorry but I didn’t find other messages about RC, can you sent us another message? or use the email infoATmultithemes.com

in our latest upgrade the plugin RC had worked, check the demo site.
Of course, we are in constant contact with the RC team and @rob , we will check the issue.


@thang thanks

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@SimonPalmer have you checked the theme with the latest upgrad of RC?
for any question just send an email infoATmultithemes.com