Tilt Theme Installation

I have purchased the Tilt Theme and installed it but I cannot find it when I open RapidWeaver even though the installation seemed to go fine, I open RapidWeaver and load stacks then go to themes and highlight Tilt and that’s it nothing happens RapidWeaver is just blank, any help appreciated.


Odd one but I would contact Multithemes - their support has been excellent in the past. Their themes can be quite complicated - they pack a lot in - so make sure you read any instructions carefully.

Thanks, I have emailed them about 3-4 days ago but not heard anything.


what happens if you add say a text stack to the page?

Let’s tag @MultiThemes him.

hops, sorry the delay from my part,
I’ve sent a detailed message.
menu: Rapidweave /Reveal addons folder

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