Cant insert an image on Blog?

I just upgraded to the latest version and now I can not insert an image on my blog page. The box does not appear when I click on a pasted image like it does on my previous posts. I cannot remember what I did or whats the difference since its been awhile since I am making a post

If you’re using the built in Blog page I usually just size the image outside of Rapidweaver and then drag it into the post window at the bottom. Does that not work?


I can insert the image but when I preview the page its not there. Also on my previous posts on the built in blog page when you double click on a image a sizing box appears. It does not with the new post. Since I upgraded something changed.

What happens if you create a new project with a different theme, add a blog page and then try and add an image? Does that work?

OK, you are not going to believe this but for some reason when I changed the name of the image I am using I dropped the .jpg designation. Duh… put it back on and tried it, all set… duh…

Hey, it’s working! Glad to hear it.