Make Images responsive in Blog page?

(Florian Gintenreiter) #1

I’m not a savy web-developer so please be easy on me. I’m basically happy with RW’s built-in blog page, but if I use it in connection with a responsive theme images in the blog posts start covering the sidebar and get cropped on iPads and mobile phones. Is there a way to use the standard blog-page with a responsive theme? I heard about Amarillo, but that thing scares me a bit, so I’d rather stick with the standard blog page. I don’t want to invest in extra plugins, because what I’m trying to do ist just a small blog concerned with FinalCutProX as a hobby.

(Doug Bennett) #2

How are you getting the image into the blog page?
What theme are you using?
Do you have an URL we can look at?

The built-in blog (at least in the latest version) look to use responsive images. I’m not a user of the built-in blog, but a simple test with dragging an image into the body seems to be resizing correctly.

Blog Responsive Image
(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Add following CSS code to the page:

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

(Florian Gintenreiter) #4

Awesome! That was exactly I was looking for. Thanks.

(Florian Gintenreiter) #5

I have one more question concerning the BLOG page. If I have a SUMMARY in a post, RW adds a “Read More” button to the post to get from the summary to the rest of the text. Is there a way to change the color of that “Read More” button? Here at the end if the first summary you can see that it’s hardly visible on the dark background.