Images not showing on my pages

I’ve added some images to the resources but when I publish the site it doesn’t show any images.

What is going on because they’re also not there in the local server pages but they have been uploaded to the server as I can browse the folders and the images are there.

Looking at the code it doesn’t show the image tags at all so what’s going on here?

Could you please tell us which theme you are using? Or are you using stacks?

Just adding images to the resources will not automatically publish them :sunglasses:

I’m using the Climate theme.

The problem isn’t the Resources it’s when I drag the images into the Blog post they show up in RapidWeaver but they don’t show up on published sites, either the web server in RapidWeaver or the internet based site.

If you go to this page:

You’ll see a large gap in the text. There’s supposed to be three images there.

Got it fixed now. Man that was poo.

Basically added them in using this code:

<img src=%resource(IMG_1648.JPG)% alt=“DeckChairs”>

It seems odd to me that software this established and this well used in this day and age can’t even add freaking images into a page the same way as everyone else can.

I’ll persist with RapidWeaver because it does have some cool features but I wonder how long it’s going to be before this gets irksome.

I use the built in blog all the time and always just drag images (properly sized) into the editing window. Works fine. It’s not the most flexible way to display images, true - for example, multiple images in a line - but it works without issue.

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