Can't remove partials

Hello Everybody

I am having a couple of problems with partials in RW8.6, Stacks 4.0.4.

I find that when I remove a partial from the library (by right-clicking in the Partials Library), and confirm that in the dialogue box, it removes it, BUT it reappears the next time I restart RW.

Also, I can’t get “Show in Finder” to work (again right-clicking on a Partial in the Library). It does nothing.

Is that just me, or has anyone else found this?

Could someone please tell me where partials are filed, so I can delete the ones I no longer use.

Many thanks

I believe this is designed in as a protection mechanism by @isaiah, but I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to advise.

Thanks for the quick response: twenty years ago I might have sneered that a protection mechanism sounded very Microsoft - in other words that the designer of the software decided that I couldn’t be trusted to delete things and needed protecting from myself. These days it sounds very Apple (sad to say). I have never met @isaiah , but he doesn’t sound like that at all. We shall wait to find out.

As I understand it, you are removing the partial from the library, not from the project - the pop-up warning says as much.

When you close the project and open it again, because the partial exists in the project, the library finds it and displays it in the library list.


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