Is this a little bug with partials / site styles?

I ran into this problem:

  • i had a rw6 project
  • i had created a partial for site styles stack
  • i clicked the ‘hide’ button for this site styles partial, since it takes a lot of space and changes not too often
  • i converted the project to RW7
  • the project became .rw file
  • i opened this file
  • i clicked on the hided partial, since i wanted to change something
  • it was not possible to unhide (show) the stack
  • double clicking the stack (= editing the partial) did not give me the stack settings
  • all i saw was an empty box
  • i clicked my way around but nothing could be done to make the settings visible
  • i decided to unpack the partial
  • this gave me access to the settings
  • i changed the settings
  • i created a new partial with this settings
  • i removed the stubborn partial from all the pages
  • i placed the new partial on all the pages

Of course, these last steps are an inconvenient workaround for the problem occurring.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?