Can't see the page list on the left side any ideas?

I"m sorry to ask such a dumb question but I have hid the left side a while back and am trying to get it back FORGET IT FOUND IT SORRY FOR THE WASTE OF TIME.

You actually should be able to go just to the very edge on the left side until you see an arrow pointing to the right. Now you can drag over to reveal the left sidebar.

Hi Chris, that’s what I thought but when I do that the left side only moves the width of the entire screen and no arrows appear. It’s odd a bit as I view tutorials from realmac their screens show the old library icon on the lower tool bar (not sure what it’s called). I liked it that way but at least I can try to learn this software. I wish it was intuitive to me but it’s not.

Try Alt + Cmd + l :slight_smile:

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Thanks Michael!! I found that out after I posted but I could not delete the post!