Can't find Lost Sidebar

Anyone know how I can find my lost sidebar (on left). Going to does not fix the problem. Thank you.

In most themes you have the option to display the Sidebar in one of three ways:

  1. on the left
  2. on the right
  3. to hide it

Have you tried selecting each of these in your theme to see where it is?

The other parameter that might just account for this is to have reduced its width dramatically… many themes allow you to chose which percentage of the window they occupy… 10%, 25%, 35% etc. Could it be that which needs changing?

can’t you just hover the cursor over the far left edge of rapid weaver within the stacks area and drag back

Thanks so much Mark, I appreciate your time and response. However, it’s not the sidebar that sits on your individual webpage but the sidebar that has the tools. One of the icons is a spanner it is also where you will find the area and list. This is the one that has disappeared and can’t be found. I see that other people have had the same trouble.

Thank you Upssjw, tried that just now, and no, nothing. It seems to be a glitch somewhere, somehow. I have use Rapidweaver to create another fantastic webpage, no dramas. But after I updated to RW 6.3.5I’ve had nothing but troubles getting my third webpage up and going, and it’s really not a complicated page. The side bar is gone, incorrect pages load with incorrect headings, etc. I have uninstalled and re-installed and it’s just not happening. Thanks for your email anyway.

Have you tried the step outlined in this thread?


Brad, thanks so much for your time in responding. Did what you suggested, and voilà! It’s fixed. Can’t thank you enough!

Glad it helped you out @Damjanovska