Can't upload site

(wendi ) #1

Not sure what happened but I now get this message

*** -[NSURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:]: component, components, or pathExtension cannot be nil.

SOLVED - when deleting some resources, there was a resource that didn’t have anything in it. Not sure how but deleting that solved the problem!

(Nik Fletcher) #2

Which version of RapidWeaver are you using?



(wendi ) #3

Thanks Nik,
6.3.3. but I did find the problem as noted. Thank you!
It’s exciting to watch all the growth of Rapidweaver over the years.
Keep up the great work.


(Nik Fletcher) #4

Hi Wendi

Thanks: I’ll look into this. Was the linked resource no longer on your Mac?


(wendi ) #5

Yes, that may have been it. There was an icon for an image, but there was no name for an image or a link.