Captions with ProGallery3

I am running the latest of RW, Stacks and PG3.
I cannot add captions to a simple photo gallery. I’m using a RW resource folder as the source, the masonry layout and lightbox2. The only captions that appear are the image file names. I’m sure there is something simple that I’m missing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

When you say you are using RW resource folder as the source, are you talkingabout a csv file in the resources?

Do you have a sample of the csv file?

Hi Doug. No csv file. I dragged a folder of images in to my resources folder in RW. Then I set the image or video sources setting to RW Resources.

All I have is the demo version,

And the demo I downloaded just now is ProGallery 2, apparently there isn’t a v3 demo? And it has nothing I can see to set the image or video sources to RW resources. Perhaps someone else here can give you a hand. If not @willwood will jump in.


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