Instacks Gallery 3: add title & caption

Hi everyone

I have created a site using the lovely Gallery 3 stack by Instacks:

I have used this previously (in In that example it was important to keep the image number and data, but with this one I want to be able to give each image a label which includes the title, the price and the dimensions.

What’s the best way to go about this? At the moment I’m using FTP (and storing the images on the server rather than in the RW files because some of them are quite large) but I’m not sure how to go about providing this information. Should I just rename the files or is there some other way? Or should I make the images part of the RW files?

You are able to add IPTC caption data to the images and use this as labels.

Thanks Jannis. Is there a way to do that without going back to Mac Photos?

You need a Mac or PC application therefore.

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