Looking for a Photo gallery with captions

(Linda Lang Pierce) #1

I am looking for a photo gallery that I have captions for each image.
I love the way gallery 3 works, but don’t see the option for captions.
I am building a jewelry store site and each piece needs a caption.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Hi Linda,
Gallery Stack 3 has a lot of caption options, either for grids, as also for lightboxes. Please send me an email so that I can help you in detail.

Cheers, Jannis

(Paul Gabel) #3

Hi Jannis, I have the same question as Linda. Specifically I would like to replace the “Stacks Image #” with a custom caption.

(LJ) #4
  1. Click on the image
  2. Make sure Inspector is open
  3. Go to prefs (far right button in Inspector)
  4. Add file name in the Alt Tag field

(Paul Gabel) #5

Thank you Man! I’ve got it.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

Here it is described: https://instacks.com/gallerystack/tutorial/#basics

“Change Photo Captions…”

(Paul Gabel) #7

Thank you Jannis; getting there, one step at a time