Case study: EU Cookie script on themes

This can be useful to all my Photographos themes users and anyone wishing to add the EU Cookie script to a page other than Stacks, a Photo Album plugin as example.

I’ve wrote an article on this matter on my new blog:


Nice content, and nice blog technology :wink:

But: you do not need the cookie script if you do not have a website storing/using cookies :cookie:


Blog technology thanks to @yuzool Pulse CMS and @instacks Pulse CMS Stack :heart_eyes:


Love the font too @Lucas and minimal layout :heart_eyes:

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nice article and of course theme and pics :wink: I didn’t know before that there is a website for this. But when linking to another website) a website designer or admin is possibly violating exactly what he’s trying to provide: data protection. I see absolutly no reason why to link to a another website exploiting the customers personal data (IP, Browser, etc.) to someone else and Google (because he’s using Google Analytics and I am not).

this leads me to write a blog about data protection… found out that is not alone. There are other companies like offering basically the same: A script or styles or even a BlindPixel with links to their own website.

But when checking ‘their’ legal terms and privacy I see this:

So they in fact do share visitors data with Google and Facebook without my or the user’s consent. Lets see what will happen if I am using this Cookie Script on my website:

I am offering my clients to create legal, data protecting websites. I do not use any trackers or 3rd party analytics tools with doubtful privacy terms. Yes even Google Analytics is doubtful in terms of Safe Harbor or Shield or whatever the status quo currently is. You simply do not have control if shared your data with somebody else unnecessarily. If I am not saying this on my privacy terms “I am sharing data with this cookie provider who may share this with google, facebook, someone else I do not know” - what in fact nobody does - I expose myself to be prosecuted.

Let’s continue thinking about this issue. If a visitor of my website trying to sue me claiming “I’ve never agreed to his cookie and privacy statement” I simply do not have a chance to substantiate my position. I do not own the cookie script. And maybe on this day, when he visited my website, the webserver of the 3rd party cookie provider was down, I never will know nor will get this information.