Centering Banner Text in Mountain Theme

Is it possible to center (or change alignment) of banner text in Mountain Theme (or others) without using Stacks App? I don’t want to spin my wheels if it isn’t possible. Does anyone know how to do this with CSS?

Yes, its possible:

This CSS should do it:

.hero-title {
   text-align: center;
.hero-slogan {
text-align: center;

You can do the tutle and slogan both or one or the other.

That did the trick! Thanks so much. How about Font Style?

What about it?
Are you talking about the CSS property “Font style” or Font-Family" Or Font-Size?

It hard to get help with CSS without saying what you want.

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I’m sorry, I just read your response. I need help with Font Style.

What exactly do you want changed?

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