NO banner in Mountains theme please

(Jeff Tullin) #1

Im not the first to ask, I see, but there are no answers. Hopefully someone from realMac will see this and realise that Mountains needs a tweak.
Im happy enough to have a hero image on hero pages, but for Contact screen, and general information, I REALLY need to lose the banner, or at least reduce it to a strip image size.
So far, everyone who has asked for that here has been told ‘tough’.
How hard would it be to have a tickbox not to have that banner taking up the whole page on specific pages?

(Doug Bennett) #2

You might have a look at this post I just updated. You might play with the sizes. If that doesn’t work it’s always best to provide a URL to a test page.

(Will Woodgate) #3

With free themes, it is largely a case of “you get what you pay for”. That is why several companies exist that offer paid themes that have many more features.

To reduce the height of the hero unit in Mountains, consider using custom CSS code like this:

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
	.hero-background {
        height: 50vh;

(Jeff Tullin) #4

I may yet, although I haven’t uploaded yet as I don’t like what I have at this stage.

I’m also probably far from alone in working on the basis that using these themes is what I paid for. :slight_smile:

I’ll try this CSS (if I can work out where to stick it… )

(Doug Bennett) #5

The CSS would go into the page inspector (right hand side) on the pages you don’t want the full hero on.

The code inside the post I linked to above was tested by the original poster.

(Jeff Tullin) #6

Works perfectly! Thank you for this. :slight_smile: