Centering headers in Foundation

Watching the Foundation for RapidWeaver 8 Introduction video, it seems that there was once an option to center headers, but it’s now gone. What’s the best way of centering headers now?

This is Foundation 6.

And Foundation 1 if you are using that.

Wow, the dialog box has changed completely. Here’s what I’m seeing. I’ve added a header at the bottom, and you can see the choices it’s giving me. When I click on any of the Foundation stacks in the library, it says 6.7.1, so I assume that’s the version. I just bought RapidWeaver & Foundation last week, so it’s the latest version. I’m assuming there’s a swatch somewhere that does all the paragraph formatting stuff like justification, indents, spacing before, spacing after, etc. but I haven’t found it yet.

That looks like a Foundation 1 header to me. Compare it to my two screenshots above.

I see you have asked the same question on Weavers Space, so I’ll pick up the conversation there.

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