Idiot newbie foundation question

I have the daunting challenge of redesigning a bunch of old Rapidweaver 5 sites using Rapidweaver 8 and the Foundation theme. I’m using the Foundation tutorial videos–Foundation is wholly new to me–and I’m immediately stymied. The video says that when I add a one-column or two-column stack, I’m supposed to have options to change the background of that stack (color options, background image option, etc.). However, what I have are the following categories: Notes; Sizing; Spacing; Alignment; Content Alignment; Visibility; and HTML. There’s nothing about background at all (the video shows options of Background; Border; Layout; etc.). I’ve clicked every button I see, and nothing brings up the options that I want. Help!

It sounds like you may be watching the old Foundation 1 video but are using foundation 6.
can you confirm what version of foundation you are using?

I’m definitely using Foundation 6–I just bought it today. So that’s useful. Are there more recent videos available somewhere? And in any case, shouldn’t it be possible to change the color of a stack? Thanks so much for your help!

Yes and yes. Foundation 6 uses swatches for styling things.

Here is a link to joe’s videos.

There are also videos available on the products page (click the tutorials button)

Thanks very much. Guess I have a lot of viewing to do!

Just thought @teefers post might be helpful for you:


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