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I’m attempting to use the Joe Workman videos to build a site using Foundation 6 (I have old Rapidweaver 5 sites that I need to convert), and I’m finding it incredibly frustrating that apparently there is no written documentation. Right now I’m just trying to create a simple banner for the site. I get that I need to use a swatch to do that. However, the video seems to say that I need to use a container stack and put my layout stack (one-column) inside of that. Then I’d create a “banner” swatch with the color/background image that I wanted and name it something like “banner.” The trouble is, I can’t find anything that looks like a container stack, and the plain one-column stack doesn’t have an option for me to use the name “banner.” The video doesn’t seem to match the stack options that I have exactly, probably because Foundation 6 has evolved since its first release (I’m starting with the “preview” video). Help please!

There’s a container stack.

Joe has a template that does hero/banner

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Thanks. Can you explain to me two things? (1) What does “hero” mean in this context? I’ve never heard the term before, outside of, you know, Superman; and (2) I found a template stack called Hero/Header–is that the one you mean? If so, how do I work with it? When I try to edit it, it says that it needs to be converted into “external” or “partial”–what is that?

Really sorry for all of these questions, and if there’s some documentation somewhere that explains these things, I’d be glad to have it pointed out to me, even snarkily. Thanks!

In web design, “hero” typically refers to an image that is displayed taking up the entire visible area of a browser window (both width and height).

To edit a template, you need to ‘unpack’ it. Click the button and you’ll see all of the individual stacks/swatches used to make that template. You can edit all of the settings to suit your site.



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