Challenges using (livechat service) with RW

Hi guys.

I have hit a dead end trying to get working.
Instructions are simple, put in code RIGHT before the ending BODY tag.

However, this is proving difficult for me (with my limited code understanding).
Usually using build in html stack/ sidebar or JavaScript tab does the trick, but not this time.

Asking the guys for help has only resulted in a paste of instructions “put in code RIGHT before the ending BODY tag”…
Its fair not to have too teach me coding to support their product, but never the less, not helping me in fixing this though… :confused:

I´ve spend a few days on forums and google, without much success.

Lastly if used the site-wide JavaScript in site settings, but the code is not even showing any more.
site is if anyone wanna have a look at the code.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

You’ll want to place it in the Analytics -> GoSquared field (which places the code before the closing Body tag).


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Thanks Nik!

Worked like a charm. :grinning:

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