Tidio Chat App install into Head section of page - Not working

When attempting to install the small script for a chat popup on the page I am told the code shows up in the body. When input into the prefix box it shows up outside the head.

It is never recognized by tidio as being in the right place.

I have tried the site wide code and individual page code and tried all fields available including the javascript and css which don’t work at all.

The code

as stated by their support staff:

"ideally just before "

Do you want it on every page? - Put the javascript in the site wide code (under the spanner wrench) I would try the Javascript box… BE SURE you paste it in as plain text else you may have problems

If you want it on a single page paste it in the javascript area under the page inspector - again, plain text.
If you have problems post a URL so people can see whats wrong.

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hi,thanks for the advice. This is the code here:

This has to be inserted before the closing of the head preferably so how does a rapid weaver design access this spot in the code? I would think head would work but supposedly it is inserted in the body when put in here…


Please use the </> symbol to inject code in the forum message.

I checked the instructions for Tidio and indeed it is supposed to go in the head section of the page.

So, questions…

What version of RapidWeaver?
What Theme?
When you paste in the code in the Page inspector you must be sure to paste it using ignore formatting.

Screen grabs of where you’re putting it would be helpful as well.


Thanks for explaining that…
Here is the code. I have to alter it so this forum will allow it. I used the tags and it still vanishes.
It should say script at both ends with those tag marks

script src="//code.tidio.co/laqg2ypff4tnyuxhhsnuspjektwmvrae.js"script

-Newest version of rapid weaver
-Foundation theme

from what I could determine what was being pasted was as plain as text can be.

Is there a place to host images of screen caps here? I put the code in the code site settings. When placed in head it was appearing in the body and would not be recognized by tidio. When placed in prefix it would appear outside of the head and also does not work.

Placing the code in javascript or css causes the chat console to disappear entirely (does not work at all) and doing the same for each page individually would have the same results however the chat would only appear on that page and not site wide of course.

Tried every field both ways and could not get the code to appear in the right place in the head…


try this instead… (Page Panel, Wrench Icon, Code, Head)
<script src="http://code.tidio.co/laqg2ypff4tnyuxhhsnuspjektwmvrae.js"></script>

<script src="https://code.tidio.co/laqg2ypff4tnyuxhhsnuspjektwmvrae.js"></script>


…the code string doest look right because this forum wont allow me to type it

I have the right code and when inputting into the head field in rapid weaver the program codes it into the body of the page and it is not recognized as being in the right place by the tidio system. The chat works on some level but it does not recognize correctly. Same issue persists.

When I view source from your website, it is showing the script in the head area of the document, not the body anymore that I could see (on the home page anyway…

We’re working on it online :slight_smile: through your chat…

You added https but forgot the ‘:’ part … https:


Seems to be an issue on the tidio end of things, please keep us informed of the status of this issue as the chat system works great. Nice chatting with you Kurt.


thank you for the help, critiques and feedback
I’ll will keep this updated.

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