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I have a client that wants me to design a site for him that includes changing the cursor to an olive branch. I know that this is possible with CSS but I don’t know how much work it would take. Has anyone done anything like this before and can provide any advice?


Yes, don’t do it. Tell him it’s a pointless waste of time.

I’ll elaborate. Imagine a user lands on his website and their curser has been taken over by an olive branch. What might the user do? They might think there’s something wrong with the curser or the website and leave immediately.

Most “designers” don’t consider the user at all when “designing”. It’s a big ego trip to make the website sing and dance with all the bells and whistles they can stuff onto the page.

The absolute worst thing you can do is allow a non web designer (your customer) to “design” a website. I’ve fired a few customers because they tried to take over the design process.

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Not all people are in a position to fire their customers. I would be interested in the technique for changing the cursor. It sounds cool to me…

I too would like to know what is involved in doing “what this customer wants”.

I would try to explain the possible negative effects of doing this. It’s not the 90s, when these curser effects were “hot”.

As a customer, I’d be be happy to be told it’s not a good idea if there was a reasonable explanation.

If the website is a hobby site that the customer will use for himself, friends and family only, it might be a nice “feature”, but if it’s a business website aiming to turn visitors into buyers, my advice would be to try to talk the client out of it.

Of course, you could just do what the client wants. It’s their money after all.

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I don’t disagree with “trying to talk him out of it”. Much different than “firing” a customer.



The CSS property you are looking at is called cursor.
There’s several presets that you can use. None are an olive branch. You can specify URL’s if you want. The URL attribute is only supported by about 89% of browsers. Also you should limit the size to 32px by 32px to be compatible with the most OS’s.

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