Episode 10: RapidWeaver CMSs & upgrading to Stacks 3

Episode 10 is out now :smiley:

This week we try and pronounce some names, mention couple of new stacks and answer all your questions!

Apologies for the poor audio this week, normal service will resume next week!

Hope you enjoy the show!


Another fun and informative episode.

And, although I hate to brag, and since I fear being accused of, once again, issuing a statement, I will ask this question:

Do you realize that you correctly pronounced my given name, surname and forum nickname correctly AND I DID NOT NEED TO SEND ANY NICE COFFEE BEANS TO THE OFFICES? LOL

Seriously, I love the mix of facts and banter.


During this episode, you mentioned in an answer to a question that @yabdab’s Cartloom could function as a catalog, if CSS was used to hide the “add to cart” button. I have searched, and made valiant attempts, but I can’t seem to get that button hidden. Does anyone have any experience with this? (I’d also like to hide the price.)


Glad we manages to pronounce at least one person’s name correctly :smiley:

HI Fray,

I’m no Cartloom expert, so I can’t say exactly how this would be done. My suggestion would be to contact @yabdab directly via the Cartloom site: http://cartloom.com

Anyway, my guess would be that you need to add some custom CSS that targets Cartloom’s buy buttons.

I don’t know what the CSS selector is, but the CSS you need to use will be similar to this:

.button-class {
    display: none;

We have a free video tutorial called “Adding Custom CSS” that explains how you go about finding the CSS selector you need to target, and adding the CSS to your project.

Hope that helps!

Are you referring to the Cartloom Storefront feature?

Thanks @ben and @yabdab! I’ll take a look at that video tutorial you mentioned, Ben.

Yes, I’m using the Cartloom Storefront feature, so I can’t manually adjust the code snippets or use the Cartloom Stacks plugin to adjust layout or what gets displayed. I’m just trying to hide the price and “Add to Cart” buttons so the storefront is more like a catalog that people can browse (and, crucially, that my client can update remotely).

I reached out to the Rapidweaver community instead of @yabdab directly because I know access to CSS is an advanced, unsupported feature. (The Cartloom website reasonably points out that “requests for help adding custom CSS will also not be supported,” a policy which makes perfect sense.)